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Plan My Baby

One of the greatest miracles that a family can receive is a baby. Some people are hoping
to expect their baby born as healthy as can be, without even bother what the gender is.
What if you can choose the gender of your baby? Wouldn’t it be nice to have your dream

Now you too can live your dream to have a baby boy or baby girl with the accurate and
safe method from Alicia Pennington. This is your ultimate chance to have your dream
ideal family.

Prince or Princess ? Choosing Your Baby's Gender Before Conception is the 30 pages of
pregnancy guide that helps you to perfectly start your pregnancy and choosing baby
gender with the baby gender selection method. The steps are risk-free so you have
nothing to loose to apply those methods.

The writer herself has done some research on why most parents are doing the wrong
methods and the theory behind X and Y chromosome to control the sperm. In addition,
the book provides you with calculation of your ovulation date to determine the gender of
your baby and the timing of your intercourse, all of which affect the conceiving of a
baby. Moreover, a dietary program that helps you boost up the chance in having a baby
boy or baby girl.

Here are some brief information you can get inside Prince or Princess?
#1 The importance of knowing your ovulation. If your ph is Alkaline then you have the
possibility in having a boy. On the other hand, if your ph is acidic, there is a possibility
that you will have a girl.

#2 Adjusting your diet habit for the sake of the sperm. There is for sure, specific diets
that help to increase your chance in getting the baby boy or girl. Some foods are strictly
forbidden and some are extremely suggested to get the ideal gender as you want.
#3 Particular sex position determines the baby’s gender. There are several positions you
can choose to obtain the best result in fertilizing the egg.

Those steps are proven to be successful for many readers. The explanation uses logical
thoughts to let you stop wondering how the theory comes up. As the writer has applied
the method herself, there is no need to worry on the safety. No medical procedures or
scary injection needed here. The method is applicable regardless of your age or

The ultimate edition on Prince or Princess is sold at $47. Including the secrets to predict
the baby gender, healthy pregnancy guide, the secrets of breastfeeding, facts on how to
increase fertility, calculation on your ovulating date, intercourse timing, and all the
methods to ensure you get your goals in having the ideal family.
Feel the miracle and have a perfect family member. It is all up to you.


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4 Steps Revealed for Planning a Baby Boy

Don't start thinking there is a 100% natural gender selection process out there on the market. If you do, you will be very disappointed. Whilst there are many old wives tales out there to research shows none of there are scientific fact. I'm not about to tell you how you can plan your chosen gender  but what I'm about to tell you are ways your can increase the likelihood of planning a baby boy.

So, you are planning to conceive a baby boy, Congratulations!

There are two different chromosomes in gender making, Chromosome Y which is responsible for carrying the male gender and chromosome X, which is responsible to carrying the female gender.

Whilst the Male sperm are faster they are also smaller and don't last as long as the female sperm. They are also more fragile making it hard to deal with certain factors in the body such as the PH level.

We are going to cover several steps in assisting you to successfully conceive a baby boy.

First of all:-

Your Diet

Y Sperm (Male Sperm) require a diet rich in potassium and sodium. This is cause the male sperm needs a more alkali diet than a acidic which is needed to increase your levels to conceive a baby girl.

Some examples of foods that are rich in potassium and sodium are sausages, peaches, bananas and of course red meat.

Timing is everything

Since the survival rate of the male sperm is very limited the timing of intercourse is crucial when you have chosen to plan for a baby boy. In order to increase your chances you will need to have intercourse within 24hours of ovulation. As the egg is only viable for 24 hours if your have have intercourse within this time your chances will be greatly increased as the male sperm is also faster than female sperm.

Choosing the right position

Choosing the right position will effect how fast the male sperm can reach the egg. Positions that will help with this is either woman on top or doggie style.

It is also important to remember that the man must orgasm as close to the cervix as possible as the distance will be shorter for the male sperm to reach the egg.

Other interesting facts

Due to the secretions in the vagina, when the woman orgasms first the PH level will increase the alkaline in the diet making the environment better suited for the male sperm, increasing the chances of a baby boy.

Also remember

While it is fun to put these measures in place they are not 100% successful. They are 100% safe and natural and in the end all that is really important is a healthy and content baby regardless of its gender.

Mardi Wilkins is a mother of three Children. She has successfully chosen the gender of her third child using the 'Secrets Revealed' on her this webpage.click here

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Author of Plan My Baby ( Prince or Princess)

Alicia Pennington is the author and creator of Plan My Baby (also known as prince or princess). Alicia has been a midwife for over twelve years and worked with many expectant mothers.

She found that many couples had a preference for a boy or a girl when trying to get pregnant. Many of them were frustrated over just how little control they had over what was very important to them. Although these parents were happy as long as they had healthy babies with all their fingers and toes, had they been given the techniques to sway mother nature towards their gender of choice they would have used them.

Alicia found this desire to have a baby of a specific gender even greater for couples with multiple children of the one gender (say boys) who desperately want a baby of the other (say a girl). Leaving it to chance can lead to having yet another child of the same gender. This can often lead the mother feeling disappointed and inadequate and greatly increases the chances of postnatal depression. In her work she came across a number of mothers who had gone through just that.

So Alicia turned her attention preconception gender selection techniques and is now a full-time gender selection consultant. She started by testing it on herself. Alicia and her husband wanted to have two children a girl first and then a baby boy. She was able to achieve exactly that. She now has a daughter Marie who is six, and a boy Dylan who is two.

Once she knew the techniques worked she started recommending them to her clients and was astonished by the results. 94% of her clients had a baby in the gender of their choice. Word of Alicia amazing gender selection techniques spread and more and more people wanted to get on board. Her phone started ringing off the hook, including a phone call at four in the morning. So she combined her years of research to deliver the book Plan My Baby so she could share the joy of having the baby of your dreams with everyone.

Plan My Baby is broken up into three easy to follow sections. First Alicia covers ovulation and what time of your cycle has the best conditions for conceiving a boy or a girl. This section covers pH levels and basal body temperatures among other conditions that vary throughout your cycle. Second she covers diet and changes you can make to ensure correct conditions for X or Y chromosome sperm. And last but not least she covers sexual positions.

While nothing in life is 100% guaranteed, this gender selection system, when using things from all three sections, is close to it with a 94% success rate. Try it out for yourself you have nothing to lose.

For more in depth information on Alicia check out Alicia Pennington. Make Sure you also check out Plan My Baby Review HERE.

Decide Your Baby's Gender

Choosing the gender of your baby is possible. Given the improvements in science and technology, several procedures have been designed to allow couples to have a baby, with the gender of their choice. Hence, you wouldn't have to feel sad once you discover that the baby that you are going to have is a boy when you really wanted a girl or vice versa. Many parents confess that they do have a gender preference for the baby that they plan to have.

Pursuing the artificial methods developed by science for dictating the gender of the child to bear has its set of associated disadvantages, such that of the success rates being quite low, or that an alteration of a natural course through artificial means being a costly affair and therefore, Chinese calendars and other superstitious beliefs do come to mind when you are thinking of ways to decide the gender of the baby that you would conceive. Nonetheless, these things are not based on proven facts, and it would be absurd to trust something that is not based on science.

The author of this guide, who had been a midwife herself for over a decade, offers advice on gender selection in her book - "Plan My Baby Prince or Princess". This e-book is interesting in the sense that it also tries to explain the basis of the methods that are introduced in the book. Hence, every step that is suggested has a scientific explanation supporting it. The usage of the suggestions mentioned in this book is said to have provided the users with a success rate of more than 94%. Most of the users are witnessed recommending this book to their friends; and it indeed is the wisest thing to do, especially if those friends are looking for the most effective way to have a baby with a desired gender.

The book goes about the gender planning process through three easy steps that requires the couples to pay particular attention to their intimate and sexual activities. The complete process is designed as a step by step approach, which is extremely convenient for the readers to adhere to, and starts with the awareness of the female anatomy and the role of ovulation, when conceiving a child. It also draws attention to the importance of the pH levels, basal body and cervical mucus. Apart from that, a specific diet is suggested too. There are specific diet designs for increasing the likelihood of conceiving either a boy or a girl. The last step in this process involves sexual positions. It has illustrations of different positions that you can adopt during an intercourse based on your preference on the gender of the baby you envisage.

Another good thing about this e-book is that it is easy to understand. It is written in a simple manner, and the graphical representations assist the readers in prompt and easy interpretation of the content. Moreover, it explains the reasons why you need to do a particular step and the importance of the things that you are doing. It is indeed, a very helpful guide to all mothers, especially those who wish to make a literate and a conscientious effort towards having the perfect child. Of course, there is no assurance about the actual gender of the conceived child, but at least it guides you into doing whatever you can, to increase the likelihood of having your dream child.

If you are curious about a natural way to beget the baby of your dreams, CLICK HERE TO GET GUIDE . This guide is increasingly gaining popularity, due to having successfully fulfilled the dream of many couples; that of being able to chose the gender of their ideated child.

Plan Your Baby's Gender

To plan your baby's gender is now possible. Because new methods that has been discovered, there are many ways to determine your baby's gender. This article will give you some tips how to plan your baby's gender. You can choose a baby girl or boy through these techniques and methods.

Follow these information and guides if you want to conceive a baby girl or boy. Read on.

1. Shettles' method
This gender selection process uses the calendar method. To conceive a baby boy, sexual intercourse should be performed during the ovulation period. The Y chromosome can penetrate earlier than the X chromosome that is why a boy can be conceived.

Conceiving a baby girl in this method should be done after or before ovulation period. This is because the sperm cell will travel longer to the reproductive tract lining. The exact time and date of ovulation should be determined first to conceive either a boy or a girl.

2. Woman's acidity level
The woman's pH balance or acidity level is also a aspect to be considered. If the woman's pH level or acidity level in the vagina is quite high, there is a possibility that a girl will be conceived. But if the woman's alkalinity level is higher, then a boy can be conceived.

3. Diet
A mother's diet is also a determining factor to have a baby boy or a girl. Consuming potassium and sodium rich foods can possibly conceive the mom a boy. If the mother wants a baby girl, magnesium and calcium rich foods are recommended.

4. Female orgasm
The chance of having a baby boy is when the female's orgasm is achieved. This is due to the contraction of the vagina's muscle resulting better absorption of the sperm cell resulting to conceiving a baby boy.

5. In vitro fertilization
In vitro fertilization is a scientific method where the doctor will collect the egg cell from the mother. The egg cell is then fertilized by a sperm cell through a petri dish. This is a very effective way regardless of the age of the mother as long as she is healthy.

The only set back to this kind of conceiving and determining your baby's gender is very expensive. Around $20,000 and up should be prepared for this process. Fertility drugs are needed to be taken in by the mother to increase the effect of IVF.

6. Dye technique
This method is via artificial insemination (AI). The desired gender of the future parents will be inserted to the uterus of the mother. The percentage for a baby girl is 90 percent while for a boy is around 70 percent.

There are no actual risks in this kind of method but fertility drugs are also consumed. Determining the baby's gender is also assured because unwanted chromosomes are not being used.

7. Ericsson method
This kind of method to choose a boy or a girl is done also via artificial insemination. Active and faster sperms are separated to produce a boy while slower sperms are separated to produce a baby girl.

A baby girl is conceived at a percentage of 73 - 75 percent while for a baby boy is 78 - 85 percent. It is relatively safe and less expensive than IVF.

These are some of the processes that can be done to plan your baby's gender. It is not an easy task for couples but if you are determined, why not take the chance?

Interest to learn more on how to plan your baby's gender. Discover more ideas and tips HERE

Plan My Baby Review - What Exactly Is This Book?

In a nutshell, Plan My Baby by Alicia Pennington is a book which entails tried and proven methods and techniques of helping couples to choose the gender of their baby.

Alicia Pennington's book centers its methodology on the differences between the male and the female sperm (those that carry the X chromosome vs. those that carry the Y). The very specific differences between each sperm type allow you to modify certain environmental factors that influence whether the male, or the female sperm reaches and fertilizes the egg first.

In simple words the book is a 3 step guide on what to do to help you choosing your baby's gender before conception.

In a nutshell the 3 steps are:

Step 1 - Ovulation and Importance of Knowing When You Are Ovulating For Conceiving A Boy Or Girl

Step 2 - Adjust Your Diet to Create the Ideal Environment for Sperm Y Or Sperm X

Step 3 - Use a Particular Sexual Position to Conceive a Boy or a Girl

Are you ready to find out if Plan My Baby is really for you? Visit HERE, get a free and in-depth report about this product and learn how you can get the complete system at the lowest price available today!