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4 Steps Revealed for Planning a Baby Boy

Don't start thinking there is a 100% natural gender selection process out there on the market. If you do, you will be very disappointed. Whilst there are many old wives tales out there to research shows none of there are scientific fact. I'm not about to tell you how you can plan your chosen gender  but what I'm about to tell you are ways your can increase the likelihood of planning a baby boy.

So, you are planning to conceive a baby boy, Congratulations!

There are two different chromosomes in gender making, Chromosome Y which is responsible for carrying the male gender and chromosome X, which is responsible to carrying the female gender.

Whilst the Male sperm are faster they are also smaller and don't last as long as the female sperm. They are also more fragile making it hard to deal with certain factors in the body such as the PH level.

We are going to cover several steps in assisting you to successfully conceive a baby boy.

First of all:-

Your Diet

Y Sperm (Male Sperm) require a diet rich in potassium and sodium. This is cause the male sperm needs a more alkali diet than a acidic which is needed to increase your levels to conceive a baby girl.

Some examples of foods that are rich in potassium and sodium are sausages, peaches, bananas and of course red meat.

Timing is everything

Since the survival rate of the male sperm is very limited the timing of intercourse is crucial when you have chosen to plan for a baby boy. In order to increase your chances you will need to have intercourse within 24hours of ovulation. As the egg is only viable for 24 hours if your have have intercourse within this time your chances will be greatly increased as the male sperm is also faster than female sperm.

Choosing the right position

Choosing the right position will effect how fast the male sperm can reach the egg. Positions that will help with this is either woman on top or doggie style.

It is also important to remember that the man must orgasm as close to the cervix as possible as the distance will be shorter for the male sperm to reach the egg.

Other interesting facts

Due to the secretions in the vagina, when the woman orgasms first the PH level will increase the alkaline in the diet making the environment better suited for the male sperm, increasing the chances of a baby boy.

Also remember

While it is fun to put these measures in place they are not 100% successful. They are 100% safe and natural and in the end all that is really important is a healthy and content baby regardless of its gender.

Mardi Wilkins is a mother of three Children. She has successfully chosen the gender of her third child using the 'Secrets Revealed' on her this webpage.click here

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