Sabtu, 01 September 2012

Plan My Baby Review - What Exactly Is This Book?

In a nutshell, Plan My Baby by Alicia Pennington is a book which entails tried and proven methods and techniques of helping couples to choose the gender of their baby.

Alicia Pennington's book centers its methodology on the differences between the male and the female sperm (those that carry the X chromosome vs. those that carry the Y). The very specific differences between each sperm type allow you to modify certain environmental factors that influence whether the male, or the female sperm reaches and fertilizes the egg first.

In simple words the book is a 3 step guide on what to do to help you choosing your baby's gender before conception.

In a nutshell the 3 steps are:

Step 1 - Ovulation and Importance of Knowing When You Are Ovulating For Conceiving A Boy Or Girl

Step 2 - Adjust Your Diet to Create the Ideal Environment for Sperm Y Or Sperm X

Step 3 - Use a Particular Sexual Position to Conceive a Boy or a Girl

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