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Decide Your Baby's Gender

Choosing the gender of your baby is possible. Given the improvements in science and technology, several procedures have been designed to allow couples to have a baby, with the gender of their choice. Hence, you wouldn't have to feel sad once you discover that the baby that you are going to have is a boy when you really wanted a girl or vice versa. Many parents confess that they do have a gender preference for the baby that they plan to have.

Pursuing the artificial methods developed by science for dictating the gender of the child to bear has its set of associated disadvantages, such that of the success rates being quite low, or that an alteration of a natural course through artificial means being a costly affair and therefore, Chinese calendars and other superstitious beliefs do come to mind when you are thinking of ways to decide the gender of the baby that you would conceive. Nonetheless, these things are not based on proven facts, and it would be absurd to trust something that is not based on science.

The author of this guide, who had been a midwife herself for over a decade, offers advice on gender selection in her book - "Plan My Baby Prince or Princess". This e-book is interesting in the sense that it also tries to explain the basis of the methods that are introduced in the book. Hence, every step that is suggested has a scientific explanation supporting it. The usage of the suggestions mentioned in this book is said to have provided the users with a success rate of more than 94%. Most of the users are witnessed recommending this book to their friends; and it indeed is the wisest thing to do, especially if those friends are looking for the most effective way to have a baby with a desired gender.

The book goes about the gender planning process through three easy steps that requires the couples to pay particular attention to their intimate and sexual activities. The complete process is designed as a step by step approach, which is extremely convenient for the readers to adhere to, and starts with the awareness of the female anatomy and the role of ovulation, when conceiving a child. It also draws attention to the importance of the pH levels, basal body and cervical mucus. Apart from that, a specific diet is suggested too. There are specific diet designs for increasing the likelihood of conceiving either a boy or a girl. The last step in this process involves sexual positions. It has illustrations of different positions that you can adopt during an intercourse based on your preference on the gender of the baby you envisage.

Another good thing about this e-book is that it is easy to understand. It is written in a simple manner, and the graphical representations assist the readers in prompt and easy interpretation of the content. Moreover, it explains the reasons why you need to do a particular step and the importance of the things that you are doing. It is indeed, a very helpful guide to all mothers, especially those who wish to make a literate and a conscientious effort towards having the perfect child. Of course, there is no assurance about the actual gender of the conceived child, but at least it guides you into doing whatever you can, to increase the likelihood of having your dream child.

If you are curious about a natural way to beget the baby of your dreams, CLICK HERE TO GET GUIDE . This guide is increasingly gaining popularity, due to having successfully fulfilled the dream of many couples; that of being able to chose the gender of their ideated child.

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